What is Oxytane?

Oxytane® is designed and chemically engineered to substantially reduce emission to 2040 emissions compliant standards in any vehicle or engine using Oxytane® blended in it's fuel. Oxytane® will also increase fuel economy by a minimum of 25% plus with an increase in performance, reduced engine noise and vibration.

International and Government Institutions have confirmed the results of using Oxytane®.

Consistant in reducing and exceeding emissions beyond 2040 emissions compliant standards set by the International Government collective. Increase in fuel economy is confirmed by all our International industrial customers, mines, shipping, logistics company's all confirm an increase in fuel economy beyond the 25% we claim.

Every vehichle and engine using Oxytane® blended in their fuel is immediately 2040 emissions compliant NOW!!!.


"All vehicles & Machines using Oxytane® blended in it's fuel become 2040 emissions compliant immediately."

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